Height:                  5’6 1/2”                 Hair:              Light brown                  D.O.B:            9-21-96                 

Weight:                 145 lbs.                 Eyes:              Blue                           Age range:      16-25



Grace for Everyday Living Book Trailer    Daughter/Lead                     Gemini Production Group

Remember the Goal                           Anna Glass/Lead                   Five & Two Pictures/Dave Christiano

Dianne Lake Story                              Manson follower                   Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)

Skrillex "Stranger" Official Music Video    Teenage girl                         Fakewood Productions

The Colors of Emily                             Millie/Supporting                   Rossetti Productions

Iscariot: Righteous Assassin                   Mary of Bethany/Supporting     TPT Films Entertainment

Once We Were Book Trailer                  Eva/Lead                             Kat Zhang

Grafted In (pilot)                                Ruth/Supporting                    Star Breather Studios

Cleaner Than Most                              Angelica/Supporting              Watkins Film Studio

Jamm Fam                                       Kera/Supporting                    Lifeway Productions

Much Ado About Middle School             Featured Student                   Elevating Entertainment

Becoming Jesse Tate                           Mandy/Supporting                 Hemisphere Entertainment



Peter and the Starcatcher                     Molly Aster                          Springhouse Players

Pride & Prejudice                                Charlotte Lucas                    Springhouse Theatre

Moonbird                                         Moonbird                            Renaissance Center MET production

Bye Bye Birdie                                   Gloria Rasputin                     Star Bright Players

Oklahoma!                                        Ensemble                            Interlochen Arts Musical Theatre Production

To Kill a Mockingbird                          Mayella Ewell                       Renaissance Players

Seussical Jr.                                      Gertrude McFuzz                   Renaissance Players

Our Town                                         Emily Webb                          Renaissance Players

Beauty and the Beast Jr.                       Mrs. Potts                            Renaissance Players

The Most Amazing Anything of Evertime   Nanette Plinskey                    The Theater Bug

Anne of Green Gables                         Diana Barry                          Lamplighter’s Theatre

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe      Susan Pevensie                      Street Theatre Comp.



“I’ve Got the Joy”                                Ensemble                             Brentwood Kids Music

“One Child”                                       Ensemble                             Brentwood Benson Music

Move to the Beat vol. 2                        Soloist                                 Castlebury Productions



Bible Teaching for Kids                         Girl                                    Lifeway


VOICE OVER_______________________________________

It’s All Because Of Jesus                       Ruth                                    Brentwood Benson

Makin’ Room                                     Whitney                                Dennis and Nan Alan

Political Campaign Commercial             Daughter                              Archer Productions



Interlochen Arts Camp (6 week Musical Theatre Production)                    Greg Hellems and Rick Church

Camp Broadway (2 years)                                                               Tony Parise

Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Hip Hop                                                          HisTown and Franklin School of Perform. Arts

Private Ballet, Tap, and Jazz                                                            Dona Eiland, Missa Pruitt, Elisha Curb, Emily Rhyne

Scene Study/Audition/Improv Workshops                                             Lonnie Hamerman, Melissa Skoff, Tina Treadwell

Professional/Serious Young Actor’s Workshop, 6-Week Scene Study              Regina Moore                      

Acting On Camera For Kids (2 years)                                                  Nashville Public Television Studio             

Private Voice Lessons (4 years)                                                          Kandi Mcintyre, Diana Rae & Mary Hatch


SPECIAL SKILLS________________________________

Sing – mezzo-soprano, acting teacher/coach/director, jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, swim, basketball, sign language, excellent memorization, English accent. Works well with all ages.

Quinn Alexis

The Cannon Group ~ TML

1622 16th Ave South, Suite 500, Nashville, TN, 37212

(615) 297 0608