Demo Reel

Book trailer for Grace for Everyday Living

Year of release: 2019


Running Time: 2:00 min


Meeting Him Monologue

Year of production: 2015


Running Time: 6:00 min


God inspired Quinn to write this monologue about a woman whose life was changed by Jesus in John 8

"Remember the Goal" Official Trailer
Five & Two Pictures

Release Year: 2016

REMEMBER THE GOAL is an inspirational drama about a girls cross country team.  A female coach, just out of college, who takes over the cross country program at a private Christian school and sets a goal for them to win their first ever state title.

"Vicious Love"
Official Music Video
by New Found Glory
Once We Were 
Book Trailer


Year of production: 2013


Running Time: 2:30 min


Book trailer for Kat Zhang's 2nd book of the Hybrid Chronicles