Winter 2021:

Quinn was super thankful to travel to her favorite place in the world, Crystal Cove, and spend the afternoon exploring God's incredible creation.


I mean, how was this not used as a Star Wars filming location??

Crystal Cove.jpg

Fall 2020: A snapshop of Quinn's life right now:

-Interning 5 days/week at a local media marketing company (she loves it!)


-Teaching tap at CYT (the sound of 22 pairs of tap shoes in one room is a new favorite of Quinn's)

-Developing a new TV show idea with local producers (she loves the idea and hopes others will, too!)

-Bible studies, fellowshipping safely with family and friends, and everything else the Lord brings her way!


Soli Deo Gloria. Stay safe and thriving (John 10:10), everyone! You are loved!

Summer 2020:

It's not every day you get to go barefoot, in the woods, dressed like a princess...


Quinn was honored to do this fun, forest-y photo shoot with photographer David Warren (

Photoshoot in park with David Warren
Photoshoot in park with David Warren

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Photoshoot in park with David Warren
Photoshoot in park with David Warren

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Photoshoot in park with David Warren
Photoshoot in park with David Warren

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Photoshoot in park with David Warren
Photoshoot in park with David Warren

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June 2020:

Quinn has been loving diving into various books on acting/actor memoirs, like Bryan Cranston's "A Life in Parts," The Warner Loughlin Technique, and more. 

She also enrolled in a course on reading body language and has enjoyed quizzing herself and growing in empathy and emotional intelligence!

May 2020:

To celebrate both National Tap Dance Day and Memorial Day, Quinn organized and edited a tap dance compilation from dancers around the country. It was a blast getting to "dance with" each of the performers!

April 2020:

Quinn has LOVED teaching film/tv auditioning workshops on Zoom through Christian Youth Theatre! If you're interested in taking an online workshop with Quinn, please email her at!

monologue online workshop.PNG

Spring 2020:

Quinn traveled to Knoxville, TN, to host early showings of the new film "I Still Believe"! If you haven't seen the movie yet, go see it today!

December 2019:

Quinn was blessed to intern with a production company in Nashville this fall, and PA-ed on several shoots, including a music video for Dillon Carmichael, a documentary, commercials for Shoneys, Perkins, and EPB Fiberoptics, and more!

Quinn graduated on December 14th with a B.A. in Journalism & New Media and a minor in Internet and Social Media Marketing. She's praising God for the opportunity to further her education in this way, and she looks forward to the doors He'll open for her future! 

Soli Deo Gloria!

November 2019:

You can see Quinn in the book trailer for "Grace for Everyday Living," which she was blessed to film last year! 

Fall 2019:

Quinn just finished stage managing another production with Christian Youth Theatre (CYT) and is in her final semester at university, working towards a B.A. in Journalism & New Media.


She also writes updates, when inspired, on her blog:

Summer 2019:

Quinn and one of her "Remember the Goal" castmates, Margaret Tant, were extras in a commerical! They had a blast playing high school students!

Extras on set
Extras on set

Extras on set

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Extras on set
Extras on set

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Quinn and Margaret
Quinn and Margaret

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Extras on set
Extras on set

Extras on set

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Spring 2019:

Quinn is stage managing a production at Christian Youth Theatre and attending university full time.

Winter 2018/2019: 

Quinn acted in a promo video with fellow "Remember the Goal" castmates Allee-Sutton Hethcoat and Margaret Tant!

They had a blast being reunited on set!

On set!
On set!

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Quinn with RTG castmates Allee-Sutton an
Quinn with RTG castmates Allee-Sutton an

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On set!
On set!

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Fall/Winter 2018: 

Quinn is working away at university as a Journalism and New Media major. As part of her TV Newscast class, Quinn made several news video packages.

Here's a feature on Nashville singer/songwriter and The Voice contestant Ele Ivory that Quinn shot and edited and a classmate narrated and helped with:

Summer 2018:

Quinn thoroughly enjoyed working with Gemini Production Group on a book trailer shoot! Stay tuned for the official trailer.

Spring 2018:

Quinn is loving teaching beginner and intermediate tap to her theatre students! Besides that, she's busy studying for her communications degree and enjoying other opportunities God brings along the way.

Winter 2017/2018:

Happy New Year! Quinn enjoyed closing out 2017 by working on a CBN reenactment project about a former Manson clan member. Reenacting a hippie in a smoky room was a new experience for Quinn, but having the honor of being a part of such a powerful story was a lovely new adventure. The project aired on Freeform in early December.

(See cast picture below)


Besides that, Quinn is teaching a weekly tap class, which she loves, and is continuing to audition for projects as they come up, as well as continuing to study at a university in Nashville, pursuing a communications degree.























Quinn (far left) with Manson re-enactment cast

Fall 2017:

Quinn enjoyed summer, but she's happy to be back at college, majoring in communication, while working with CYT Nashville on their production of Seussical the Musical. In the meantime, Quinn continues to audition for various projects as God faithfully opens and closes doors.

July 2017:


Quinn is immensely enjoying playing Molly Aster in Springhouse Theatre Comapny's "Peter and the Starcatcher" this summer. See promotional pictures below:

June 2017:

Quinn and fellow "Remember the Goal" castmates Jayla and Margaret, respectively, attended a summer industry party!

Spring 2017:

"Remember the Goal" re-released in Nashville on March 17th! In preparation, Quinn was blessed to do several written and radio interview, as well as speak at a church in TN with her castmate, Margaret Tant.

Quinn and fellow castmates and director of "Remember the Goal" at a radio interview with Nashville Film Radio

Dave Christiano (director/producer/writer), Margaret Tant (Rebecca), Quinn Alexis (Anna), Lauren Hutchins (Savannah), and Wynn Reichert (Anna's Dad, Nashville Film Radio Host)

Quinn and Margaret at Ransom United Methodist Church

Quinn Alexis and Margaret Tant at Ransom UMC, speaking about the film and sharing their testimonies.

Winter 2016-17

Quinn is now enrolled at a university in Nashville and is teaching acting part-time. She also co-directed a musical with CYT Nashville in February 2017.

October 2016:

Quinn had the honor of traveling to a public school in TN to speak about her experience in "Remember the Goal"! To the left is a picture from the Shelbyville Times-Gazette, and to the right is Margaret and Quinn with the movie poster at the Shelbyville Capri movie theater.

Quinn and co-star Margaret Tant speaking at a public school in TN

September 2016:

Quinn had a blast at the premiere of "Remember the Goal" and going to various showings of the film at local theaters.


She is now teaching weekly acting classes at a children's theater company and several dance studios, as well as continuing doing weekly private coaching sessions.

Quinn is enjoying life as an acting teacher and is also looking to continue pursuing her love of acting as a performer! She knows that God's got her back.

Lead cast members of REMEMBER THE GOAL
Quinn Alexis signing a REMEMBER THE GOAL movie poster at the premiere
Some of the lead/supporting cast of REMEMBER THE GOAL

August 2016:

"Remember the Goal" comes to select theaters THIS month on August 26th!

Click here to see if it will be showing in a theater near you!

Official movie poster for the upcoming sports drama, "Remember the Goal"

July 2016:

Quinn's Highlights:

~Teaching a one-week acting class to six students between the ages of 10 & 15

~Being interviewed by Jason Reynolds of Followers of the Cross 

and Jacob Sahms of Christian Cinema

~Being interviewed about "Remember the Goal" on Super Talk 99.7 with co-stars Jayla Palmer and Margaret Tant

~Encouraging young women and speaking at a Wives In Waiting conference in Nashville, TN, with "Remember the Goal" co-star Margaret Tant

~Traveling to Atlanta, GA, to promote "Remember the Goal" at the Southeastern Homeschool Conference

All glory to God!

June 2016:

Quinn went on a short promotional tour for "Remember the Goal" in Alabama and Florida, speaking to students/athletes at Providence Christian School, being interviewed on Tne Joy FM, speaking at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) banquet, and enjoying some free time at the beach!

April 2016:


101 Dalmtians Kids, the musical Quinn has been directing since Fall 2015, is currently running in Nashville, and she couldn't be more blown away by her students' talents!

March 2016:


Quinn and two of her "Remember the Goal" castmates enjoyed being featured on WAKM 950 to promote the film!

February 2016:


The Official Trailer for "Remember the Goal" is out! Watch for Quinn as "Anna" in the film. Click below or here to watch!

January 2016:

Happy New Year!


In February of 2015, Quinn was on set for two days in Atlanta, GA, filming Skrillex's newsest music video for the song "Stranger." In early January 2016, the Official Music Video was released!


Click here to watch the full video.


See production still below:

A shot of Quinn in Skrillex's "Stranger" Official Music Video

December 2015:


Quinn thoroughly enjoyed playing the comedic character "Merrell" in Christmas Blue! 

Quinn playing Merrell in Christmas Blue 2015. Photo Credit: Tamara Sands

November 2015:


Quinn was recently cast in a Christmas musical called "Christmas Blue" and started rehearsals early this month! She is honored to be a part of this cast and show whose goal is to make God famous.


Besides "Christmas Blue" rehearsals, Quinn is loving her job as the director of "101 Dalmatians" and is auditioning for various projects as they come. Soli deo gloria!

Christmas Blue logo: Sometimes hope comes out of the blue...

September 2015:


"Remember the Goal," a film in which Quinn plays Anna Glass, just wrapped! Look for the film in select theaters August 26, 2016.


See production pictures below:

Remember the Goal_ Anna
Anna in "Remember the Goal"
Remember the Goal production still
"Remember the Goal"
"Remember the Goal"
Remember the Goal cast picture with Dave Christiano

August 2015:


Quinn is currently playing Anna in the upcoming feature film, "Remember The Goal" and has been shooting since July. The shoot has been a blast! See Five & Two Picture's Facebook page for more information.


Below, Quinn on set with her movie father, actor Wynn Reichert.