Quinn was once told that regular, weekly acting classes are to actors as workouts are to athletes...

With a passion for kids, teaching, and being responsible with the talents we've been give, Quinn delights in offering acting workshops/ classes, camps, and individual lessons for students ages 5 & up.


Both local/in-person coaching (in the Nashvile-area) and FaceTime coaching lessons are offered.


For pricing information & other inquiries, please visit Quinn's Contact page or directly email her at and she will do her best to reply to you swiftly.


Quinn Gorte is such a wonderful actress and her teaching is just as great. Her experience as an actor gives her plenty of good advice to give to young actors. I was a part of her first acting camp and I will remember what I learn in high esteem. To anyone considering taking lessons from her I would tell them to go for it! Her youth gives her even more insight into the world of child acting and gives her an edge over other acting coaches.


~Parker, actor

Quinn with acting student Parker

Parker and Quinn at Acting Camp 2015

Quinn's Acting Workshop was so much fun. I learned how to develop my characters. She helped me learn how to feel and talk like my character would. I really enjoyed the warm-up games we played. They helped us all feel more at ease and get to know each other better.

I hope to get to do another class soon!


~Paxton, actress


I am glad we took the time to do the Acting Workshop. It was time well spent. Quinn works so well with the children...She made them feel at ease and from there they were able to really dig in and learn.

My daughter came out with energy and excitement to tell and show me how she learned to better act out a skit. Quinn helped her push her comfort level without making her uncomfortable. 


~Shannon, Paxton's mother

Quinn with student Paxton

Quinn with Paxton at Acting Camp 2015

Ms. Quinn really helped me connect with my characters so that I could give my best performance!

She made me feel more conifdent on stage! BONUS: She is nice and fun!


~Grant, actor and model






Quinn has a true gift in helping aspiring actors indentify with their characters and break down scenes enabling their talent to shine authentically! It is a blessing that we found Quinn, as she continues to be a great role model, mentor and coach for Grant as he grows in his acting career. She is invested in her students' success long after they attend her classes. She is more than a teacher.

She is a friend and inspiration to students and parents alike!


~Lisa, Grant's mother

Quinn with student Grant

Quinn with Grant at his Modeling/Acting Meet & Greet


Quinn has been such a positive influence on my son who just started acting this past spring.

With her Christian love, encouragement, professionalism, and knowledge of acting, he has grown as an actor.

He looks forward to working with her each week.


~Ashley, mother of acting student






Quinn Gorte is a wonderful acting daughter loved working with her and we would definitely work with her again! I highly recommend Quinn if you are looking for someone with character and integrity, as well as a great work ethic...


~Kimberly, mother of acting student